A little history ...

At the beginning, Clay colors was this ... a set of articles dedicated to the world of ceramics, all carefully arranged in the cellars of the family home of Anne and Fabian

And then, the following year, he began to fill up, to settle down, to embellish himself ...

Thanks to the confidence of our customers, their support, their encouragement, their ideas, their creativity, their interest ... In the colors of clays has continued to grow in the heart of the small space ... workshops Are organized in the depths of these cellars cocoons ... ...

Major festivals took place, demonstrations bringing up to 300 people during the artisans' weekend ...

A decision ... has come to us ... that of moving ... we feel more at ease, we feel in a luminous space, a dreamed place that would be warm, spacious, pleasant ... proposing Comfort for all of us, as much for our precious clientele as for ourselves. And it was then, that clay colors settled in Saint-Pierre, a pleasant village, green, welcoming, in a region filled with pearls ... artists and things to visit !!!!

And it was on July 1, 2014 that we opened the doors of our new space !! A shop with a workshop, which has a very large parking. A wooden building from head to toe, made by tradespeople of the region. Who respects the landscape, which agrees with this one in harmony. Ecological, respectful of its environment, of low energy ... having all the comodities for the comfort of all ...



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